Getting started in real estate doesn’t have to be hard.

I’m back to continue our conversation about what it takes to become a Realtor by sharing a couple of stories about agents who, despite being new, generated business in their first couple tries.

Two or three weeks ago, a new agent joined us for our Thursday morning lead-gen meeting. She thought she was just coming in for a class to see how things are done. I helped her create a script by repurposing one of our old ones, and she ended up getting two referrals on her first day. It was her first time ever making a real estate call! She’ll get a 25% referral fee just for making two phone calls.

“ Real estate is simple, but not easy.”

Another agent was there that same day. He didn’t make any calls then, but he came back the following Saturday to make calls with me. He did have a background in sales, which he used to get himself two or three referrals on his second time making calls. He didn’t even have to spend any money to get that business!

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