You may have snakes or rodents in your plumbing. Here’s how to fix it.

It’s springtime, and we can’t wait to get out and about; however, snakes, rats, and other rodents are also coming out to play. Unfortunately, they might be hanging out in your house. A couple of years ago, my uncle called me saying my aunt walked into the bathroom and saw two beady eyes staring back at her from inside the toilet. He said you’ve never heard a woman scream the way she did when she saw a wet squirrel in her toilet. She told him that they either had to get the rodents out of there or they were buying a new house. 

If you run into a similar issue, the fix is likely easier than you think. Here are the two things you should do:

1. Call a plumber. As a spring maintenance task, reach out to your plumber and have them come test for signs of rodents or snakes (even if you haven’t encountered a problem yet). One easy way for them to tell is to remove your sewer cap and see if they smell any signs of rodents. They’ll also do a smoke test, where they’ll send smoke through your plumbing to see if there are any holes in the pipes. If they find any holes, they can mend them. A great fix is to install a backflow valve or “rat blocker” behind your toilet, both of which will keep snakes, rats, and other rodents out of your toilet.

“The fix is likely easier than you think.”

2. Check for other holes in your home. Take a flashlight, and go into the crawl space and attic to see if there are any other holes these critters could come through. If you find any, plug them using steel wool, copper mesh, or silicone. I like using silicone because utility prices are currently very high, and it could stop some of the air from moving in and out of your house. 

If you have any issues, I have a plumber and pest control guy who can help you, both of whom are excellent. However, if you do decide to sell because you can’t stand the memory of beady eyes looking at you, give me a call or send an email. I’d love to help.