Lifeway Mobility can provide ramps and stairlifts to your home.

Are stairs becoming a problem for you and your house? Are parents or in-laws coming to live with you? I might have the perfect solution. One big thing I’ve come across lately is families who love their house and don’t want to move, despite knowing they’ll have mobility issues in the future. Another scenario is families who have parents or in-laws that are coming in and will now have to make accommodations for them. If you’re in this situation, what can you do? I invited Keith Warlick of Lifeway Mobility to talk about the stairs and ramps programs they create to provide solutions for people who are having mobility issues in their homes.

Feel free to watch the full interview or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:

0:00 — Introduction

1:28 — Keith talks about Lifeway Mobility

2:16 — How Keith creates curved lifts and stairlifts for their clients

3:00 — Lifeway Mobility has a buyback and rental program for ramps and straight stairlifts

4:00 — After the rental program for ramps and straight stairlifts is over, will the home be returned to the way it was?

4:30 — How staff members at Lifeway Mobility go above and beyond for their clients

5:45 — Lifeway Mobility is all about prioritizing safety

6:24 — How to contact Keith

6:52 — Wrapping up

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